Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Flatiron District


Blogger G.S. said...

This church at 29th and 5th has put yellow ribbons and name tags along its fence as a memorial to peopld killed in the Iraq war.

Wednesday, 26 December, 2007  
Blogger John said...

When I was in Boston I was told that to speak bad about Bush could have me deported!
I have been told that for anyone to photograph the coffins coming home is illegal.
Where is the land of the free?
Problem with US politics is that whoever is elected will have taken the money of the Devil to be elected, that Devil will dictate the future.
Oil $100 a barrel $50 was mad money, then Bush is an oil man.
Sorry I speak from a land that invented gorilla tactics, Ireland.

Monday, 07 January, 2008  

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