Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Skyline From Weehawken



Blogger Paradise Driver said...

Is this close to the GWB?

Near where Stallone made that movie about the NJ cop vs the NYC cops?

Wednesday, 06 June, 2007  
Blogger G.S. said...

Wil - It's about 7 miles south of the GWB, but it's less than a mile from the Lincoln Tunnel. I think that movie (Cop Land) took place in a fictitious town.

Thursday, 07 June, 2007  
Blogger Forman said...

that's beautiful. were you lost? i always get lost when i'm sent over the hudson. How do you determine what to charge?

Friday, 08 June, 2007  
Blogger G.S. said...

Forman - Thanks. Didn't get lost, I know Jersey pretty well. I'm sure you know that fares to Jersey, other than Newark Airport, are simply agreed to between driver and passenger before the trip begins. If I don't already know the area where they're going I will get an estimate of the time it will take to get there and back and base my requested fee on that. I always go high but leave wiggle room for negotiation.

Friday, 08 June, 2007  

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