Monday, June 09, 2008



Blogger Lucky said...

as i take pics it seems more often than not, that they are all on the border between neighborhoods.

anyway, i saw this a few times, it's pretty awesome.

Monday, 09 June, 2008  
Blogger jodester said...

hey! i took a picture of that Obama stencil too! mad! it was just up the road from out hotel hey?! haha great minds think alike G! x

Tuesday, 10 June, 2008  
Blogger G.S. said...

lucky - yeah, you know I wasn't really sure what to call that part of town - not quite the Village, not quite Soho, so it must be Noho!

jodester - that is correct, it was on the north side of Houston Street, just a few blocks west of your hotel. Really grabs the eye, doesn't it?

Tuesday, 10 June, 2008  

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