Friday, July 04, 2008

East Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Blogger MizB said...

Great pictures, G.S., you have a sharp and lovely eye. By the way, my guess as to the celebs you've had in your cab: John Lennon, Paul Simon, Carly Simon, James Taylor. Keep on clickin' and feel free to drop by my blog sometime.

Friday, 04 July, 2008  
Blogger G.S. said...

Thanks, mizb, much appreciated. You got 3 out of 4, which ain't too shabby. Unfortunately the one I didn't have was John Lennon. (Although I did see him walking on the street twice. I wrote a post to honor his memory in Dec. '06 which you might find of interest.) Substitute Tony Bennett for John and you've got them all. Regarding your blog, have done and will do.

Saturday, 05 July, 2008  

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