Friday, August 24, 2012

Garment Center


Anonymous april said...

This rubs shoulders with perhaps my favorite blogger shot ever taken (that of an old man, horribly hunched, ascending subway steps; courtesy of Joseph Holmes/ One feels the lifetime of work culminating in this, one's winding up destitute. Most moving.

Wednesday, 29 August, 2012  
Blogger Eugene Salomon said...

Thanks, April. The image would indeed seem to present him as being somewhat destitute, but in actuality he was not. I took this shot on foot while walking in the same direction from across the street. He was walking so quickly I couldn't keep up with him! He exchanged greetings with a couple of shopkeepers as he passed along the way, so I assumed he was a local fixture there in the Garment Center.

Wednesday, 29 August, 2012  

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